Free wordpress hosting and domain

A few years back when I started learning web design, I used to look for free web hosting companies because it was a bit expensive for me at the moment.

I kept experimenting with Google’s Blogspot and the free, but that didn’t give me a lot of control over my websites.

I can tell you that there is no such thing as free hosting, simply because it’s a costly business with a lot of hardware and software to manage, which require all sorts of people to manage from engineers to customer support agents and it wouldn’t make much sense for the host to go through all that just to give it away for free at the end.

But sometimes hosting companies do huge sales and promotions in order to acquire new customers, like the one we are talking about in this article.

The great offer have a great offer for you. In order to introduce you to their services, they are giving away a free year of their starter plan plus a free domain which you can use as a free WordPress hosting, and all you have to pay is a setup fee of $13.80. That is almost the price of just the domain.

If you give it a closer look, you will find they don’t over promise you with unlimited disk space like most shared hosting companies do, instead they provide what the plan actually is. Here is what you will get:

  • 15GB of storage
  • 512MB of RAM
  • Single database
  • SSL

What happens after the first year?

You are free to discontinue hosting with them, or you may renew according to their regular price of $1.89/month which is still a very competitive price.

What are you waiting for? go ahead and sign up at